Cameron Micules

Cameron Micules

Art Director / Creative Director / Marketing Professional

Name:Cameron Micules
Date of birth:Dec. 2, 1973
Address:Burlington, ON
Hi. I'm Cameron Micules, and people call me “creative”. My mom still calls me "special". I think it's because I see things that others don't - the transparent ties between disparate subjects that just makes sense to me. Or the ability to distill complicated processes or concepts into generic analogies that everyone can understand. I collect information and ideas for later use, and I like to tell stories, too. The kind that get people thinking and asking big questions.


2013 - present

noBul Media Inc.

Partner, VP of Awesome (creative)

As partner and VP of Awesome creative, my job is to help identify the unique story behind each client, and help bring that story to life. From client pitches and initial consultations, to designing site layouts & email campaigns, marketing collateral & presentations, shooting & editing video, and copy writing, I'm the jack of all creative trades.

2010 - 2013

Booyakka Design Inc.

President, Creative Director

Booyakka Design was my first foray into business ownership. My own agency and consulting firm. My clients ranged from one-man landscaping outfits to 120 person technology companies, and almost everything in between. I learned project management is tough and accountability is tougher, but not as tough as accounting. Accounting sucks. I had the opportunity to sample a number of different front-end CRM tools (HubSpot, Pardot, InfusionSoft, Eloqua), and some backend CRM/ERP platforms (Salesforce, NetSuite) and still can't pick a clear winner.

2004 - 2010

Multiple Creative + Marketing Roles

You've heard the saying "odd duck"? When I was hired at PointClickCare I was the 34th employee and the ONLY one who didn't know how to write a database query. I was hired to build the brand and communications for the up-and-coming SaaS-based product. I taught myself html and css, and redesigned the company website. I created online help documents, print materials, email campaigns, and online ads. I coordinated trade shows, local events, and a short-lived internal newsletter (that I found hilarious). When I left, the company had grown to over 500 people, and the marketing department of Me had become a 7 person internal agency.

1998 - 2004

Matrix Post

Animator / Motion Graphics Artist

My role at Matrix Post was to liaise with contacts at major companies in the downtown Toronto area, and produce animated videos and ads that appeared on outdoor digital billboards across the city. Certain clients came to Matrix with complete creative briefs where others would come in without a clue. Part of what I was able to do was to pitch an idea to the client, then produce the spot for broadcast. I learned 3D animation, editing and compositing, motion graphics and how to distill a large idea down to a few simple words or images that told the same story.


04/2009 - 06/2009

Canadian Marketing Association

E-Marketing Certificate

The CMA E-Marketing program is really a soup-to-nuts crash course that covers most every general aspect of digital marketing. As a foundation, it offers students a glimpse at the breadth and depth of digital marketing and illustrates how it can and should all come together.

1995 - 1997

Sheridan College of Applied Arts

Marketing & Advertising Diploma

The building blocks for a career in advertising or marketing were dropped on my toes while at Sheridan. Of course, back then the focus was on GRPs not PPCs, so most of what I learned from a statistical measurement standpoint has mummified. Still, the program helped me see how to design holistic campaigns, what tactics worked with which strategies, and most importantly, that it's THE STORY that matters.

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